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I really enjoyed working with Jenifer. The weekly assignments allowed me to open up more and express myself in ways I couldn’t even imagine. I am very pleased with the finished product and looking forward to sending off my applications. Jenifer will push you and help you find the right words to say in your statement. Thank you Jenifer!
R. Williams
Thank you for the wonderful edits and recommendations.  I feel better having a more polished personal statement.
I appreciate your insight and will definitely apply to a few out of state schools.  
Thanks again for your help! It was well worth the $100 🙂
K. Walker
Thank you.
I appreciate you taking time to teach me about your area of expertise.  I have mad respect for what you do.
J. Stewart
Ms. Finney,
Thank you for all of your help and for being so nice to me.  I appreciate it very much.
Dear Ms. Finney,
Thank you so much for speaking at our annual pre-law conference.  You were great!
Ms. Finney,
It was a pleasure meeting you last week.  The program was so great and very helpful!  I’m now even more excited to get started!
Thanks again,
D. Haualsar
Dear Ms. Finney,
Thank you for reviewing my personal statement.  I look forward to submitting my admissions application.  Please keep me informed of any upcoming events.
Thank you again,
L. Richardson
Dear Jenifer,
I just wanted to let you know you were very helpful and informative!  
Kind Regards,
C. Hunter
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