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Polish Package – $100 per submission

The Polish Package is ideal for the future law student who has already drafted his or her personal statement.

Make a Statement will edit your personal statement and provide contextualized feedback.

Feedback will be based on the content of your personal statement, your responses on the Polish Package Submission Form, your resume (if submitted), and the editor’s law school admissions expertise.

Peer-Intensive Package – Per person cost varies based on group size. 

The Peer-Intensive Package refers to a live stream or in-person 3-10 hour workshop that includes personal statement brainstorming, outlining and/or drafting exercises. The Peer-Intensive is ideal for groups at the same stage in the personal statement process who wish to share the cost of receiving personal statement support (e.g. a group of 10 future law students who have not started outlining or drafting; a group of 20 future law students who all have a rough draft or an outline, etc.).

Per-Intensive Package prices vary based on group size.  To keep per person costs low, Make a Statement LLC recommends groups of 10 or more. Contact us for a free quote today!

Production Package – $500

The Production Package is for the future law student who desires individual structure and guidance as it relates to transforming his or her personal statement ideas into a personal statement draft.

Make a Statement will provide four (4) consecutive weeks of drafting support by e-mail.  Drafting support includes weekly, piece-by-piece assistance with constructing a personal statement, beginning with an outline and ending with a finished draft.

The Production Package includes one (1) submission of your personal statement, which must be submitted within sixty (60) calendar days of purchase. Additional submissions will be accepted at the Polish rate.

Make a Statement will guide you through drafting your personal statement and provide contextualized feedback along the way.  Feedback will be based on the content of your work product, your responses on the Production Package Submission Form, your resume (if submitted), and the editor’s law school admissions expertise.

Plus Package – $50 per service & submission

The Plus Package refers to an à la carte offering of services.  The Plus Package services that can be individually purchased are ideal for anyone who desires help with resumes (no page limit) or any 1 to 2-page document ( cover letters, application addenda, statements of purpose, letters of continued interest, scholarship increase requests, etc.).

Make a Statement will edit the resume or document and provide feedback.

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