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Production Package - $500

The Production Package is ideal for the future law student who desires structure and guidance as it relates to transforming his or her personal statement ideas into a personal statement draft. Make a Statement will provide four (4) consecutive weeks of drafting support by e-mail. Drafting support includes weekly, piece-by-piece assistance with constructing a personal statement, beginning with an outline and ending with a finished draft. The Production Package includes one (1) submission of your personal statement, which must be submitted within sixty (60) calendar days of purchase. Additional submissions will be accepted at the Polish rate. Make a Statement will guide you through drafting your personal statement and provide contextualized feedback along the way. Feedback will be based on the content of your work product, your responses on the Production Package Submission Form, your resume (if submitted), and the editor’s law school admissions expertise. If you are accepted as a client, you will be e-mailed an invoice within 24-48 hours of your submission.
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  • If you have not taken the LSAT, type "pending."
  • Resumes are accepted, but not required. Your editor will not edit or provide feedback for improving your resume. If this is desired, please submit your resume using the Plus Package Submission Form.
  • List format only. Do not submit a draft personal statement. Please simply share all the things that you are considering writing about. You will be contacted with instructions for future submissions, including your one (1) complimentary personal statement submission. Please be encouraged to act fast, the 4 consecutive weeks of support provided by the Production Package will fly by!
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