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Make a Statement LLC is owned and operated by Jenifer Finney Godfrey, an attorney, businesswoman, and higher education professional with broad student services experience and demonstrated law school admissions expertise. For over a decade, Jenifer has played nearly every role possible within the law school admissions construct from applicant to head admissions officer.

Having served four ABA-accredited law schools throughout the country, Jenifer has actively participated in evaluating thousands of law school applications. She has also had the pleasure of awarding scholarships to many deserving students, helping to bring a law degree within their reach. Some of Jenifer’s past law school admissions positions include: Assistant Dean for Admissions & Scholarships, Director of Admissions, and Associate Director of Admissions.

While working as a full-time law school admissions professional, Jenifer came to appreciate the great significance of the personal statement. She observed that the strength of an applicant’s personal statement often determines whether the applicant is Admitted vs. Waitlisted or Denied vs. Waitlisted. In other words, for many applicants the personal statement serves as the deciding factor.

Although Jenifer recently left the law school admissions field to pursue other professional and personal goals, her commitment to legal education remains firmly intact. As Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Make a Statement, Jenifer is excited to roll up her sleeves and coach law school hopefuls through the process of developing a personal statement that truly makes a statement.

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