Make a Statement LLC

Our Founder

Make a Statement LLC is owned and operated by Jenifer Finney Godfrey, an attorney, businesswoman, and higher education professional with broad student services experience and demonstrated law school admissions expertise. Jenifer has over a decade of law school admissions experience, much of it gained serving four ABA-accredited law schools throughout the country in roles such as Director of Admissions and Assistant Dean of Admissions.

Jenifer is wholly committed to increasing access to legal education and has seen firsthand the value of possessing higher levels of sophistication about the admissions process itself. She has seen applicants with poorly timed applications being denied when they would have otherwise been admitted or being admitted without a scholarship when they otherwise would have received one. Accordingly, through Make a Statement, Jenifer hopes to empower applicants to enter the process of applying to law school as savvy pre-professionals prepared to maximize their opportunities.

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